We are a production company that creates films, documentaries and videos for businesses and individuals. Our mission is to raise awareness on social matters through art.


The films we produced so far have conveyed a meaningful social message and have gone on to be successful in film festivals. We aim to bring more awareness and real life stories to even wider audiences.


We produce documentaries of different lengths, depending on the subject and the story, from short 2 minutes ones to 30 min or longer.


Our company will produce narrative-driven, visual and engaging adverts for your business. We can assure a creative communication along with a clear message.

I am happy to have chosen Monocot as video production company for Wempower. Very professional, always ready to listen and adapt to our needs. Anna has been amazing, able to connect with the aim of Wempower and transfer our values and commitment in all videos.

Ilaria Biancacci, Wempower

Monocot Productions helped us define our work, who we are and their projects come from the heart. The content they created for us helped us reach out to more donors and supporters.

Rakhi Banrjee, Reward Welfare Association

Monocot Productions is a Production Company based in London, UK. In the past year we received a number of award nominations in various film festivals, and some of our films are still undergoing further selection.

Feel free to reach out! We are always happy to work with other creative people.